Yash Dayal had hidden the important thing from the coach before hitting 5 sixes, it had a deep impact on the family, the mother cried all night

New Delhi. In the conclusion of IPL 2023, only the final race is left. This season we got to see many big miracles. In which 5 sixes of Rinku Singh, who proved to be KKR’s hidden rustam, are also included. This player performed his Sixer King against Gujarat and snatched the victory from the mouth of Hardik Pandya. After which Rinku was everywhere. But the effect of those 5 sixes reached deep on Yash Dayal and his family, who were throwing the last over from Gujarat.

Yash Dayal was not a part of the team for many matches after that match. The reason for this was not his performance but the impact of the sixes on his health. Yash Dayal loses his 8 kg weight in just 10 days and has to face a lot of difficulties in recovering. At the same time, now a new secret has been revealed in this story which Yash’s father Chandrapal Dayal has told the media. Yash Dayal hid his fitness from the coach before that match and entered the match against KKR.

I and Yash knew this – Chandrapal Dayal

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Yash Dayal’s father told, ‘He had fever a day before on April 8, only I and Yash knew this. Yash did not tell this to the coach, as players often do. I have also been a cricketer. We have also done this out of fear that if I tell, I will be out of the match. The next day, Yash’s fever had increased, yet he played the match. Yash is given the second last over in important matches, but in this match, Yash was given the last over.

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He told, ‘Pressure and ill health of bowling the last over in a packed stadium. I think the yorker that Yash bowled was a bouncer. He was not able to throw the ball at his pace. We were all in a hurry as the sixes were falling. But what could you do? Couldn’t understand anything. After the match, Yash said on the phone, Papa, my mind was completely frozen. The fever was already there and increased rapidly after the match.

I somehow explained to Radha – Chandrapal Dayal

Yash’s father told, ‘The wife started crying after seeing the son’s performance. Somehow I explained to them. He told me after the match that Yash is under a lot of stress, you go to him. The next day I reached Delhi and from there to Mohali. When he met Yash, he had high fever. Then he got checked up. Yash remained on liquid diet for 12 days.

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