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160 KM range, price starts from Rs 41,000, 3 Electric Bikes launched to create panic in the market


A company named Himiway has launched City Electric Bikes in the market.
The range of these bikes is 32 km. 160 kms from Till then.
It gets fully charged in 5 hours.

New Delhi. The dominance of electric vehicles is increasing in the two wheeler market. After electric scooters and motorcycles, now electric bike (battery operated cycle) is becoming the choice of people. Due to their sleek design and comfortable city ride, people are liking these e-bikes a lot. For going to office, especially youth consider e-bikes more comfortable and efficient. In view of this, now a company named Himway has launched three of its electric bikes in the market. With the launch of these bikes named Pony, Rambler and Rhino, their sales are increasing rapidly.

The special thing is that they have been designed in such a way that they will fit your every need and budget. At the same time, the company has launched it with a normal AC charger, which takes only 5 hours to fully charge them. At the same time, in 3 hours you can charge it more than 80 percent. Let us know the specifications of these three bikes.

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pony: Pony is one of the best selling and affordable bikes of the company. This is a mini bike in which a 300 watt motor has been given. The bike gives a range of 32 kilometers in a single charge. It is being promoted as a city bike. Due to its sleek looks, it is becoming the choice of students.

Rambler: The second bike of the company can be seen completely as a city bike. A 500 watt motor has been used in this. Which gives a range of 88 kilometers in a single charge. The looks of the motorcycle and its range are being seen as USPs.

Rhino: Rhino is the most powerful e-bike of the company. It is being promoted as a mountain cycle. The bike gets a 1000 watt motor which generates peak torque of 85 Nm. The range of this bike is the highest and it is 160 km. Can run on single charge. This bike is best for adventure lovers as it can be easily ridden on rough and rough roads.

reasonable price too
The price of all the three bikes is quite reasonable and subsidy is also available on them. Coming to the Rhino, it is available for Rs.2.47 lakhs. Whereas Rambler is available for Rs 1.07 lakh and Pony is available for Rs 41 thousand. The bike comes with a charger which can be easily connected to any power socket in the house.

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