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5 features of Tiago EV that made this car hot cake, you also know what is special


The biggest advantage of the Tiago is its low cost.
At the same time, the range that the company has claimed is the best in this segment.
At present, the company will deliver the first 20 thousand vehicles at this price.

New Delhi. Tata Motors’ long-running car Tiago EV was finally launched on Wednesday. As speculations were being made that Tata would launch this vehicle for one million, the same happened. The company launched the Tiago EV at a price of Rs 8.49 lakh. Although the price of its top variant is Rs 11.79 lakh. The company will start booking the car from October 23, earlier the date of booking was said to be August 10. At the same time, the delivery of this vehicle will be done in January 2023.

A total of seven variants of the Tiago EV have been launched in the market and there are two battery pack options. One battery pack is 19.2 KWH and the other 23 KWH. The price that Tiago has kept at the moment will be for the first 20 thousand units. After this, the company has not yet given information about how much the price will be increased. Even before the launch of Tiago, there was a lot of discussion. Let us tell you those 5 features of Tiago, due to which it was awaited for a long time.

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  • Battery: Regarding the Tiago EV, the company has claimed that it will cover 250 km in a single charge of 19.2 KWH and 315 km in a battery pack of 23 KWH. Which is the highest ever by any EV.
  • Technique: Tata Tiago EV has been built on Ziptron technology. The special feature of this technology is that it uses permanent magnet sicron electric motor which gives it more power and torque, while the battery consumption is also very less.
  • Top Speed: Regarding the Tiago EV, the Tata company claims that it can cover 60 km in 5.7 seconds. Picks up speed per hour. At the same time, even after being a budget EV, the company has given driving modes in it.
  • Fast Charging: The Tiago has two charging options, along with a DC fast charger. According to the company, the Tiago gets charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 57 minutes with the fast charger.
  • Price: As always, Tata has designed its vehicle according to the reach of everyone. Whereas EVs of other companies are very expensive due to the cost of EV technology. On the other hand, the settled model of Tiago is available for less than Rs 9 lakh.

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