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5 technologies that make the Indian Army the most dangerous! Every Indian would be proud to know

New Delhi. The Indian Army is today considered to be the most dangerous army in the world. Technology has played an important role in this. The army had adopted the technology long ago, the benefits of which were seen during the war with Pakistan. At the same time, the army is ready to challenge China as well. Let’s know about these 5 technologies, knowing which every Indian would be proud.

Internet of Things (IoT)
In today’s time, war is being fought with soldiers as well as drones. A view of this was seen during the Ukraine-Russia war. India also uses drones extensively. Do you know that drones are used IoT enabled devices. Drone attack is done with the help of IoT. It is seen on the central dashboard of a central control room.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The movement of the enemy country can be detected by the Artificial Intelligence Enabled Monitoring System. Meaning it has become easier to compete with them in a smart way. With the help of AI, the army can detect the landmines and underground routes of the enemies. With the same motion sensor and AI camera, every move of the enemy can be monitored first.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
In today’s time, the army is defeating the enemies with robots and unmanned vehicles. These robots are made according to war.

Virtual war can be fought with the help of AR/VR devices. Also, it helps in training the army better.

electro-optics system
With its help, the army monitors smart cities. In this, satellite based borders are monitored. Also, the exact location of the enemy is found in the dark and fog.

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