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5 tips to remove scratches from your car – 5 tips to remove scratches from your car – News18 Hindi


Scratches on the car can be repaired by yourself without going to any mechanic.
For this, there are many scratch removable kits available in the online market.
At the time of purchase, check whether the kit contains the buffing pad and solution.

After buying a new vehicle, people pay a lot of attention to its health. People also get washing done on time so that the look does not get spoiled. There is one concern people have while driving on crowded roads. That is, the vehicle may not get scratched after colliding with something. The beauty of the vehicle starts reducing after even a minor scratch. People’s eyes also go to the scratch instead of going to the features of the vehicle. Are you worried about this too?

Now without going to mechanic you can fix it yourself. For this you can follow some steps after buying the scratch kit.

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  1. buy scratch removal kit

There are many ways to remove scratches from the body of the vehicle. But there are some remedies which prove to be effective. Apart from this, thousands of rupees have to be spent to get it corrected by a trained person. But you can also fix this scratch by yourself. For this you will need a scratch removal kit. It is very important to keep some things in mind while buying it. If buying online, then definitely check the solution and buffing pad in it. These can be of 3M and Maguire or any other brand.

  1. clean the surface

Before fixing the scratch, thoroughly clean the place where it is present. While cleaning it, keep in mind that dust should not be accumulated at that place. You can use a soap solution to remove it. Apart from this, dry the water and soap solution thoroughly using a cotton cloth. Apart from cloth, it can also be dried with microfiber.

  1. Dosing Solution

Before applying the solution to the buffing pad, be sure to work on one scratch at a time. Use a very small amount of solution. After this, spread it completely on the buffing pad. Can remove two to three scratches in one go. There is no need to pour solution again and again for this.

  1. Apply like this

Rotate it round and round by applying force on the place where it is spent. Gradually this scratch will start going away. After this, rotate it up and down. There will be a need to be patient while doing this. This may take some time so don’t be upset if the scratch doesn’t heal quickly. Do keep a dry cloth with you. Whatever solution comes out from the side, clean it with this dry cloth.

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  1. Do this work while removing scratch

While removing the scratch, take special care that the solution should be applied only on the scratched area. This process can be repeated two to three times. After the scratch is completely gone leave it in the sun for a while. After drying, you will get to see the signing separately.

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