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6 variants of this car were discontinued, but still the king in its segment, became Tata’s best selling car

New Delhi. Tata cars have established their empire in the automobile market in no time. Be it SUV or hatchback, the sale of Tata’s cars is breaking records. Also now with electric cars Tata has completely captured the market. But Tata has a car which has been consistently on the top, the company has discontinued its 6 variants, but still people’s craze for this car is such that only in the month of December, the company sold 12053 units of this car. . This car is Tata Nexon. If we look at the figures of December 2021, then there was a growth of 6.56 percent in terms of car sales. Next to this, the sale of cars like Tiago Ultroz, Harrier and Safari also looked faded. The market share of Nexon in Tata’s total sales stood at 30.10 percent.

After the Nexon, the name of the smaller Nexon also appeared in Tata’s best selling vehicles i.e. Tata Punch. Punch sold 10,586 units in December. It has got a growth of 32 percent annually.

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Nexon continues to shine
Before this, even if we talk about October and November, the sale of Nexon has been on top. Talking about October, 13767 units of Nexon were sold. At the same time, 15871 units were sold in November. Although there were a lot of offers from the company in both these months, but once again in December, Nexon broke the sales figures and made it clear that no vehicle is standing in front of it at the moment. On the other hand, even if we talk about the SUV segment, the sale of Nexon has been the highest in comparison to the cars of other companies.

6 variants have been discontinued
This is the condition of the sale of Nexon when the Tata company has discontinued its 6 variants. Nexon’s X Z, XZA, XZ Plus O, X Z Plus O, X Z Plus O Dark and XZ Plus O Dark variants have been discontinued. The Nexon is currently available in some 67 variants. This includes 19 petrol, 18 diesel as well as electric and automatic variants. The ex-showroom price of Nexon starts from Rs.7.70 lakhs.

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