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A spooky Monday and an untold incident, listen to the full story of ‘The Horror Show’ on Spotify

Horror stories are all around us. Such stories, which make the soul tremble even thinking about them. Right now there is Aftab and Shraddha’s case in mind, so those old stories are also being remembered, which shook the society. Aftab not only killed Shraddha but also cut her body into 35 pieces. Such stories set fire to our laughing city.

Another such city was Beriktown, a city full of laughs. But one day that city caught the eye of a demon. Then such an untoward happened in that city, knowing about which your soul will tremble. It was untold – the brutal murder of 15-year-old Johnny. But the thing to note is that Tyare’s style was quite frightening. Because after Johnny’s death, when his dead body was found hanging in his house, clown makeup was on his face. The most surprising thing was that before Johnny, Robin was also murdered in the same manner.

Not only this, along with these murders, 14-year-old Anna also suddenly disappeared from the house and she was found in a cemetery. Anna was alive, but very scared. She was crying because there was clown makeup on her face too – and in Anna’s hands – a doll.. which was looking exactly like a clown.

These horrifying incidents spread terror throughout Berricktown. Police is also in the circle of questions… But the biggest question is that what is the connection between Clown… Makeup… Doll… and the killer? Has Anna seen that killer..? Is that anonymous killer a clown…?

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Now to know the whole truth of the heart-wrenching suspense of serial killing Download Spotify and listen to The Clown… only on The Horror Show by Khooni Monday.

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