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AC compressor can explode like a bomb! Don’t do these mistakes even by mistake

New Delhi. We often use AC in summer season. But during this we forget that you have to take care of many things. Only one mistake of yours can cost you dearly. Even the compressor of your AC can explode like a bomb. This is the reason that you have to be very careful while running AC, otherwise your AC may explode like a bomb.

Switch off with MCB-

Be it Split or Window AC, always switch it off from MCB only after running it. In case of not doing this, you may have a lot of reverse. Because if you use the remote to switch off the AC, then it turns off the AC at the moment, but the current remains in it. This can cause a lot of damage to you. Always take special care of these things.

protect from sunlight

Always keep the AC installed in the house away from sunlight. There are many disadvantages to having AC in the sun. The biggest disadvantage in this is that it also reduces cooling. Also the compressor can get very hot. In such a situation, it can also become a big reason that your AC gets damaged or you suffer a lot of damage. You should try to keep a shed or a tin over the AC. Also, be very careful while getting it fitted.

Running even when the gas is low

Running continuously even after the gas is low in the AC, the compressor gets damaged. This is the reason why you should always keep the gas in AC full. Due to low gas, the compressor of your AC can get damaged forever. In such a situation, you should always get the AC gas checked. Especially at a time when you run the AC after turning it off for a long time, then it becomes very important to get it checked.

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