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After all, what is the math of BS6 Phase 2, why so many vehicles were stopped, will there be any change in your car too?


To reduce pollution, the government has implemented new rules.
Under this, the pollution caused by the car can be monitored while running.
Due to this, the manufacturing of a large number of cars has been stopped.

New Delhi. April 1 This time the life of many cars ended. This was the date from which Real Driving Emission (RDE) came into force. Under this, now real time testing of cars will be done while the cars are running and the data will be recorded whether the pollution is not exceeding the prescribed limit. Now the vehicles which are coming will also have to get RDE certification. Portable emission measurement system will be given in all cars.

In such a situation, it is important to know what is the RDE norms and what will be its effect now. Also, will any changes have to be made in your old car due to this. Let us know what are these new changes…

what is rde
In simple language, all the time monitoring of the pollution caused by the car is called RDE. For this, onboard self-diagnostic devices are installed in cars. Under BS 6 Phase 2, the biggest change has been done in RDE. For this, two devices have been installed in the cars, which will monitor the data of pollution caused by the car at all times. Due to this, the price of cars has also increased.

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why cars stopped
After the new rules, companies discontinued diesel engines with a capacity of less than 1.5 liters. The reason for this was that it would have cost a lot due to the change in these engines, due to which the companies had to increase the price of the cars significantly. So selling any small car at that price would have been very difficult. Due to this, companies discontinued cars like Hyundai i20, Verna, Amaze Diesel, City Diesel.

no difference on big engine
Due to the changes made according to the new rules, there will not be much difference on the big engines. Engines above 2.0 liters were already built with the new technology. Due to this, not much change has been made in them. Due to which there has not been much burden on the auto manufacturing companies.

Will there be change in old cars
Now the big question is whether any changes will have to be made in your existing car as well. No this cannot be done. Older car engines are not built to do this. Even if someone wants to get this done, it will cost lakhs of rupees and this work cannot be done anywhere other than the company, but no company is providing such facility.

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