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After all, why is expensive service on 1 lakh km and what is the need to spend so much money, know every detail


1 lakh km. But the bill for the service to be done can come in the range of 30 thousand to lakhs.
The car should always be serviced at ASC only.
The timing belt of the car should be changed on time.

New Delhi. Excellent technology and a sturdy bodyline have greatly extended the life of the cars over the years. These days the cars available in the market give good performance for a long time. Along with this, companies have now paid a lot of attention to the after sales service of their cars and the number of service stations of almost every company has also increased as compared to earlier. In such a situation, after buying a car, people keep it with them for a long time and also drive many kilometers. When machinery is run for a long time, then its service is also done. When it comes to the service of cars, some parts also keep changing with time and its cost also varies.

But whenever the service of the car is 1 lakh km. If it happens after walking, then its bill can baffle anyone. The reason for this is that this bill can go from 30 thousand rupees to lakhs. Now the question arises that 1 lakh km. Why are cars so expensive after running? So let us know that 1 lakh km. After the car is running, what parts does the company change in it?

1 lakh km. on service

  • When your car is 1 lakh kms. If it is already running, the most important part that gets replaced is the timing belt. Timing belts as well as bearings and other fitments are quite expensive. Timing belt life 90 thousand km. 1.2 lakh km from Happens till then. If the timing belt breaks then your engine can get damaged and it can end the life of the car along with big cost.
  • Along with this, the clutch plate of the car is also changed. For this the engine has to be opened and this too is an expensive part. Along with this, the pickup and mileage of your car increases. Also, it also keeps the engine good for a long time.
  • Although these days the engine, fan and AC motor move from the same belt in the upcoming vehicles, but in many vehicles these belts are different. In such a situation, after driving the car for such a long time, these belts start getting damaged and they are also replaced.
  • 1 lakh km. After the engine is run, it is cleaned by flushing it along with the radiator. After this the grade of engine oil is made heavy, which increases the life of the engine.
  • At the same time, apart from the engine and its parts, suspension work is also done and front shockers as well as arms, linkage rod and axle are also replaced. At the same time, the rear shockers are also changed.
  • Disc and brake pads are also replaced. After driving so much, scratches appear in the discs of the car, which affects the braking performance and the brake pads wear out quickly.

car like new
If 1 lakh km. But if the service is done on time and at the authorized station of the company, then your car runs exactly as it was driven on the first day after you removed it from the showroom. However, after driving so much, the time to replace the vehicle is also near because there are many parts which start getting damaged continuously and you have to spend a huge amount in getting them repaired again and again.

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