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After Elevate, Honda made another big announcement, now shocked the customers


6 thousand has been increased on Honda Amaze.
These prices will not be applicable on hybrid models.
Honda has not given any reason behind the price hike.

New Delhi. While Honda gave a good news to its fans by launching the first Elevate, it also disappointed once again on Wednesday. Honda has suddenly increased the prices of its cars. Now Honda City and Amaze will be sold according to the new rate list. Honda has not given any reason behind this sudden hike. The company has given information about the increased prices of bus cars.

According to the information received from the company, an increase of up to Rs 8,000 has been made on Honda City and Amaze. However, in the case of the Honda City, the prices have been increased only on the regular models and the prices of the hybrid variants will remain the same as they are currently running.

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Amazing how expensive
Honda has increased the prices of Amaze by Rs 6,000. After this increase in the prices, now the ex-showroom price of the car has reached from Rs. 7.05 lakh to Rs. 9.66 lakh. According to the company, the prices have been increased from 0.63 percent to 0.86 percent. These prices have been implemented with immediate effect.

City also became expensive
At the same time, the prices of Honda City have been increased from 0.5 percent to 0.69 percent. In total, different variants of Honda City have been increased up to Rs 8 thousand. After the increase in the prices of non-hybrid cars, the starting price of Honda City has now reached from Rs 11.63 lakh to Rs 20.39 lakh ex-showroom.

no reason given
Honda City has not given any reason for the increase in prices. However, it is believed that due to supply chain problems, Honda has also increased the prices of its cars. Automobile companies struggling with the rapidly rising cost of raw materials in the global market and the shortage of chipsets coming through the supply chain have been forced to increase prices. Earlier, Toyota, Mahindra, Maruti and Hyundai had also increased the prices of their cars.

Elevate was launched a day earlier
Honda has increased the prices of cars just a day after launching its mid-size SUV Elevate. The bookings for the Elevate that comes with the 1.5L 4 cylinder engine are going to start from July and it will be launched in the market on Diwali. The engine of Elevate generates power of 121 Bhp and it is offered with the option of 6 speed manual and CVT gear transmission. ADAS system has also been given in the car.

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