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After retirement, you will get pension of more than 50,000 every month, just invest this much money every day

National Pension System NPS Calculation: Even after the completion of 60 years, the working person retires, but the expenses of his house do not stop. In such a situation, it is very important to do retirement planning at the right time to meet the regular expenses of the house. Every sensible person starts planning for retirement along with his job. There are many types of investment schemes or pension schemes available in the market so that people can get regular income after the age of 60 years. The name of one of them is National Pension System (NPS). This is a great pension scheme by investing in which you get not only pension but also tax exemption and regular income. Due to this, people do not have to worry about their monthly expenses. Let us first give you information about the details of this scheme and the return of investment.

What is National Pension System?
National Pension System is a great scheme for retirement planning and investment. By investing in this scheme, you can do better planning for your future. This is a contributory pension scheme run by the government, investing in which you get a huge fund on retirement. Along with this, you also get annuity amount (Annuity) ie pension every month on the basis of investment. The government started this scheme in the year 2004. In this scheme, any working person can give his contribution in this scheme every month during his job.

The responsibility of the money deposited in the NPS scheme is given to the registered pension fund manager by PFRDA. It invests investors’ money in government and government securities and equity. This gives investors strong returns in the long term. This account is opened in two ways. First Tier-1 and second Tier-2. Tier-1 is a retirement account. On the other hand, the second account is a wallet account, which can be opened only after opening the first account. You can invest at least Rs 500 in Tier-1. At the same time, an investment of at least Rs 1,000 is necessary in Tier-2.

Will get strong returns every month
You can get a pension of more than Rs 51,000 after the age of 60 by investing in this scheme. For example, an investor starts investing in this scheme only at the age of 21 and if he invests Rs 150 every day, then his total investment every month will be Rs 4,500. In such a situation, if you invest this every month for 60 years, the total amount invested will be Rs 21.06 lakh. In the 39th year, at this annual return of 10%, the investor will get the entire fund of Rs 2.59 crore. In this case, 60% of this amount will be given to the investor in lump sum. In this case, at the age of 60, you will become the owner of the entire Rs 1.55 crore. And the remaining 40 percent amount, which is Rs 1.04 crore, will be converted into monthly pension.

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Will get the benefit of pension every month
Under the NPS scheme, investors will get 40 percent of the amount as pension. In such a situation, if Rs 1.04 crore is converted into monthly pension every month, then it becomes around 52,000. The thing to note is that the more you keep the annuity money, the more returns you get.

Method of opening NPS account-
You can open NPS account through both online and offline mode. To open an offline account, you go to the bank and go there and fill the NPS form and get KYC done. After this share the details of PAN number and Aadhaar card number. After that make the registration payment. On the other hand, to open an account through online medium, you can open this account by login to the official website of NPS.

Get the benefit of income tax exemption
Let us tell you that if you want to get the benefit of Income Tax Rebate along with savings, then you can invest in this scheme. In this scheme, you can get tax exemption under section 80CCD (1), 80CCD (1b) and 80 CCD (2) of income tax. In this, you get an additional discount of Rs 50,000 along with Rs 1.50 lakh. In such a situation, by investing in it, you can get a maximum discount of Rs 2 lakh.

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