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Air Cooler became cheap before summer, book by paying Rs 152 like this, grab opportunity

New Delhi. Summer is about to come and as soon as the heat comes, you start needing a cooler. It will be better if you buy a cooler from now. Because now the prices of coolers are less. Prices may increase as summer approaches. On Amazon, you will find many such air coolers which come in less than 5 thousand. Also, they can be bought at an initial EMI of Rs.152 only. Let us know about these options.

Orient ® Air Cooler Smartcool:

It is of small size and perfect for medium room. Its price has come down from Rs 8,390 to Rs 4,999. You can also buy it under EMI for Rs.239. Talking about the features, an ice chamber has been given in it. Its capacity is 20 liters. One year replacement warranty has also been given. Its power is 90 watts. It can throw air up to 15 feet.

Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler:


It comes with honeycomb pads. Turbo fan technology has been given in it. Also 3 speed control has been given. It can be bought for Rs 4,556 instead of Rs 7,360. It can be bought with EMI by paying Rs 218 every month. Its water tank is of 24 liters. 1 year warranty is given with it.

Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler:


Its capacity is 10 liters. It can be bought not for Rs 4,900 but for Rs 3,649 with a discount. It can also be bought by paying an EMI of Rs 174. Its power consumption is 130 watts. It can also run with inverter. At the same time, 1 year product warranty has been given. Also, a water tank capacity of 10 liters has been given.

Candes Elegant 12 Ltr Personal Air Cooler:


It comes with 12 liters capacity. It has 3 speed control. It comes with low power consumption. Ice chamberer has also been given in it. Along with this, multi way air deflection has also been given. With this, 365 days i.e. 1 year warranty is available. It can be bought for Rs 3,199 instead of Rs 6,999. It can also be availed on EMI by paying Rs.153. Its tank capacity is 12 liters.

Lifelong LLAC10 RegalCool Air Cooler:


Its capacity is 12 liters. Ice chamber has been given in it. Also water level indicator is also present. Its warranty is of 1 year. It can be bought for Rs 3,184 instead of Rs 5,000. You can also buy on EMI by paying Rs.152. It has 3 speed settings. Also clean air technology has been given.

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