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Airtel dusted Jio! Number one by providing 5G service in 500 cities

A different enthusiasm is seen in India regarding 5G. People are slowly starting to use 5G internet. Till now only Jio and Airtel have started rolling out 5G and in this race too Airtel has defeated Jio. Actually, Airtel has introduced its 5G service in more cities than Jio. Now the company is providing its Airtel 5G Plus service in 500 cities. The company has recently rolled out 5G in 235 new cities, after which the number of 5G cities has increased to 500.

According to a report, the company is adding 30 to 40 cities to the 5G network everyday. The company says that it will make 5G available across the country by the end of this year. At the same time, Jio has so far made its 5G service available in 406 cities. In such a situation, the Jio company has lagged behind Airtel in this matter.

Both the companies are offering 5G plans: Both the companies are providing 5G plans to the users. Both the companies have not introduced any separate plan. 5G data is being made available only in the plans that are being given. Also, the user will not have to change the SIM. At present, users will be able to use 5G data only on the existing 4G SIM.

Benefits of Airtel 5G Plus Service:

  • You will be given superfast speed under 5G service. You will be able to do video streaming without buffering. The data speed of this service is 30 times faster than 4G.
  • Apart from this, the bandwidth of 5G network is also high. It will take the user experience to the next level with better connectivity and better data transfer rates.
  • 5G network has a lower latency rate than 4G. It can easily support IoT, AI, VR.

How fast is 5G:
5G provides you 30 times faster speed than 4G. You can download Full HD movies in just a few seconds. Apart from this, you can stream 4k ultra-high definition video without buffering.

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