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Airtel is offering free 5G service with fast speed, know in which cities the facility is available

Airtel 5G Network in India : With the 5G roll out in India, Airtel has started its 5G services in a phased manner. The telecom operator’s Airtel 5G Plus has rolled out 5G service from eight cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Siliguri, Varanasi and Nagpur. Airtel users who have a 5G smartphone will be able to use the latest network on their current data plan till the rollout is complete.

All metro cities will have 5G service by 2023

Airtel has announced that it is planning to launch its 5G service in all major metro cities of India by the year 2023. If any Airtel user wants to check the availability of 5G network, then he can do so from the company’s Airtel Thanks app. If you have a 5G enabled smartphone, you will automatically get the notification through the app. The company says that users will get 20 to 30 times more speed than 4G in terms of voice call quality and high-speed internet in 5G network.

internet speed of airtel 5g plus

According to a report revealed by Ookla, the download speed of Airtel 5G Plus in Delhi has been seen at 197.98 Mbps and in Mumbai the download speed of 5G Plus was recorded at 271.07Mbps. The download speed of 5G Plus was highest in Varanasi i.e. 516.57Mbps, while in Kolkata this speed was medium i.e. 33.83Mbps.

airtel 5g plus plan price

The telecom operator has informed that Airtel 5G Plus will be available on the same 4G SIM that you are already using. It has also been announced that Airtel users can avail 5G services on their existing data plans till the rollout is completed. So no extra money will have to be paid to enjoy 5G services. This suggests that Airtel users do not need to buy a new SIM to access 5G service in India.

Airtel 5G Plus is available in these cities

With the introduction of 5G network in India, Airtel has started the rollout of its 5G services from eight cities. The company plans to introduce 5G services in all major Indian cities by the year 2023, and by 2024, Airtel 5G Plus services will be available in all regions and districts across India. Let us tell you that Airtel users from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi are using Airtel 5G Plus services.

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