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Amazing feature in iPhone! If you do not want to read the message then turn on this feature

Apple had released iOS 16 update in 2022. Many features were added to it. If your iPhone works on iOS 16 or its latest version, then you can use your Speak The Screen feature. You can have iPhone read text or full screen to you, even if VoiceOver is turned off on your phone. As you type, the iPhone gives you feedback and suggestions. Apart from this, the reading voice of your iPhone can also be changed. Let’s know how.

How to Change Speech Settings in iPhone:
First of all, go to the Settings of your iPhone and then go to Accessibility. Then click on Spoken content.

Speak Selection:

  • To hear the text you selected, tap the Speak button.
  • With speak selection you will get an option to highlight content. In this, the iPhone will also highlight words and sentences when they are spoken. You can change the color of the highlight according to your own.

Speak Screen:

  • Enable it too. On turning it on, you can listen to the content written on the entire screen. For this you have to swipe two fingers from top to bottom on the screen.
  • With this you will get the option of speech controller which gives quick access to speak screen and speak on touch.

Typing Feedback:

  • You can configure typing feedback for onscreen and external keyboards. Through this, you can choose whether you want feedback from each character, whole word, auto-correction, auto capitalization and typing prediction.

Voice Options:

  • You can choose the language in which you want to listen to the speech.


  • You can dictate or spell out how to say certain presses.

How to listen to iPhone speak:
First of all you have to speak to Siri Speak screen. Or you can also say something from the options given below-

  • You can also give Hear selected text command. For this, you have to select the text and then tap on Speak.
  • To hear the full screen, you need to swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to the bottom. You can also use the controls for voice rate and pause speaking.
  • To hear typing feedback, type and you’ll start getting feedback. For this, you also have to turn on this option, whose method we have told you above.

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