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Amazing update came in WhatsApp, users enjoyed, text will be copied from photo


Text detection feature currently available on iOS version.
Users can separate the text from the photo.
This feature has been given in iOs 23.5.77 version.

New Delhi. Instant messaging app Whatsapp has become an important part of our life. Be it family or office work, it has become an easy means of communication everywhere. To improve the experience of users, Meta-owned company WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to its platform. Now the company has released a new text detection feature (WhatsApp Text Detection Feature) for iOS users. With the help of the new version of the app, iOS users can copy the text written on a photo.

The new update of WhatsApp is not a part of the beta version. The platform has released it for stable users. WebBetaInfo, a website that tracks the features of WhatsApp, has shared the details of this feature. Those users who have updated version 23.5.77, only those users will get the benefit of this feature. If you are an iOS user and this feature is not available, then you will have to update WhatsApp by going to the App Store. After this the new feature will start appearing.

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Photos sent on View Once mode are not supported
In the text detection feature, if the user wants to remove or copy the text written on a photo, then an option will appear here. By clicking on the option, you can delete and copy the text from the photo. This feature does not support photos sent on View Once mode.

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WhatsApp is rolling out 21 new emoji
WhatsApp is rolling out 21 new emoji for some Android beta testers. According to Webbitainfo, users will not need to download and use different keyboards to send these 21 emoji. These emojis can be sent directly from the official WhatsApp keyboard.

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