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Amazon Quiz Answers For Today: Answer today’s questions correctly and win Rs 2,500

New Delhi. Amazon Quiz Answers For Today: Everyday e-commerce company organizes Amazon Quiz. This quiz goes live everyday at 8 am. This quiz can only be played through the Amazon app. It is very easy to play this game. All you have to do is go to the Amazon app and then play a game. In this game you are given easy 5 questions which are based on current affairs and general knowledge. If you answer all these correctly, you will get entry in a lucky drop. After this you can win Rs 2,500 in Amazon Pay balance. Let’s know the correct answers of today’s Amazon Quiz.

Question 1: Leandro Trossard recently scored a hat-trick in a Premier League game against which club, in a match that ended 3-3?
Answer: Liverpool

Question 2: Who would be seen returning in the character of Neytiri in the movie Avatar 2?
Answer: Zoe Saldana

Question 3: The airport in which city was recently renamed after Bhagat Singh?
Answer: Chandigarh

Question 4: This statue represents which famous explorer?
Answer: Christopher Columbus

Question 5: This is the flag of which US state?
Answer: Texas

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