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Amazon’s new technology, now bad goods will not be delivered to customers

The fraud of getting a soap box on ordering a laptop online from the e-commerce platform will end soon. Because Amazon is introducing a new technology. Due to which the online damage product will not reach the customers. Actually AI technology is being introduced by Amazon. With the help of which the sale of fraud products will be stopped.Customers will not get bad goods
According to the report of Wall Street General, Amazon is going to make a big change regarding its warehouse, so that it can provide products in good condition to the customers. The product will be checked before shipping using Artificial Intelligence based technology from Amazon. Means if there is any product damage, it will not be sent. Along with this, the selection and ordering of any product will be faster. This will happen automatically in Amazon’s warehouse.

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Goods will be ordered soon
Amazon will automatically take product orders. Also shipping them from the warehouse. In this work, the burden of labor will be reduced. Also, its operation will be streamlined and efficient. The company believes that using AI in logistics will revolutionize the industry. Simply put, ordering goods from Amazon will be convenient. Although AI technology will replace the work of humans. In this, the work of selecting any product, picking its order, checking the damage of the product will be done. In such a situation, the possibility of unemployment and job retrenchment will increase.

Soap will not replace laptop
There is a complaint on ordering from Amazon, we ordered a laptop and a soap box arrived. Now such incidents will also be curbed.

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