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Amazon’s smart speaker will teach and teach children, will answer every question

Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker was recently launched by the company along with many other devices. At that time the new Echo Pop was not available in the Indian market but now it has been launched in India. Its Indian price is Rs 4,999. Let us tell you, Amazon Echo Pop is the company’s new smart speaker. It comes in Green, Purple, Black and White color options. In terms of design, it is a custom-designed front-facing directional speaker. According to the company, it is perfect for apartments, bedrooms, any small corner of the house.

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The new speakers come with Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge processor that processes Alexa requests faster. There is also an option to turn the microphone on and off and users can view and delete voice recordings.

Along with this, the speaker also helps children in developing skills. Kids can learn, ask and learn a lot by talking to Alexa. Echo Pop has a low power mode that saves battery when it is not in use.

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