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American company made ‘world’s fastest shoe’, increases walking speed by 250%, know the price

Washington: A US-based robotic engineering company has invented shoes that they claim can increase the wearer’s walking speed by up to 250 percent. The battery-operated shoes, called Moonwalkers Shoes, look like skates but are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms. The company says that wearing this shoe can be walked normally and hand control is not required. The shoe has been invented by a company named Shift Robotics, which is a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States (a subsidiary company of the university). They have a strap-on design that allows these moonwalkers to be used with any pair of shoes.

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“Moonwalker is not skates but shoes,” said Xunji Zhang, founder and CEO of Shift Robotics, in a release published on the company’s official website last week. In fact it is the fastest shoe in the world. You don’t skate while wearing the Moonwalk, you walk. You don’t have to learn to use it, this shoe learns from you.’ According to Gizmodo, Moonwalkers have 8 polyurethane wheels, just like skates. However, these wheels are very small and are not in a single line. This shoe is powered by a 300-watt electric motor. As the user accelerates or slows down, uses artificial intelligence sensors to monitor the wearer’s movement and the algorithm automatically matches motor power, synchronizes the speed, increases and decreases it .

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The Shift Robotics company claims that its Moonwalker shoes increase the wearer’s walking speed by 250 percent, reports Gizmodo. This is based on an analysis that the average walking speed of people is 2.5–4 mph (4–6.4 km/h). Moonwalkers also have a special provision for use on stairs, which locks the wheels in the shoe and prevents them from rolling freely. The company says that the brake distance of these shoes on dry roads is about 2 feet. According to the New York Post, Moonwalkers are available for sale in the market under the Kickstarter campaign. Their price has been kept at $ 1,399 (Rs 1,15,332) and deliveries are expected to start from March 2023.

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