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Apple gave a blow to China! Made in India iPhone 14 production begins, Indians have double benefits

New Delhi. The local production of iPhone 14 has started in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, soon the sale of Made in India iPhone will start worldwide. Apple wants to shift 5 percent of Apple iPhone 14 production in India by the end of 2022. Also, by the year 2025, about 25 percent of Apple iPhones will be made in India. Apple said that they are very keen to start production of the iPhone 14 in India. Let us tell you that most of the work of assembling the iPhone is done in China. However, China is the largest market for iPhone after India. In such a situation, the Indian government was talking about producing the latest model of the iPhone in India. The effect of which is visible.

iPhone 14 will be cheaper
China may get a big setback due to Apple’s manufacturing of iPhone 14 in India. Due to the restrictions of Kovid-19 and rising labor costs, Apple is looking to shift its manufacturing from China to India. Also, the benefit of Apple’s PLI scheme can be given by the Government of India. In such a situation, the cost of making iPhone in India will come down as compared to China. Let us know that India is a big market for iPhone. In such a situation, Apple can sell the iPhone in India at a cheaper price by getting exemption in local manufacturing and import duty. Also, employment is expected to be created on a large scale in India. In this way India can get double benefit.

These models of iPhone are already being manufactured in India
This year Apple can supply 5,70,000 units of iPhone in India. Which was 370,00 units till last year. Apple has around 4 percent market share in India. However, Apple’s share in the premium smartphone market is 47 percent. Apple has been manufacturing iPhone in India since 2017. Apple is manufacturing iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 in India.



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