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Are you going to get Sunroof installed in your favorite car from the market then wait! First read this news…


It takes less money to set up a car with a sunroof than to buy it separately.
1000 can be challaned for driving a car with an aftermarket sunroof in Kolkata.
Installing a separate sunroof reduces its resale value along with leakage from the sunroof.

New Delhi: People buy only after seeing the price and features of the car. At present, hobbyists definitely demand the sunroof feature while buying it. Some people dream that they buy a new car with this feature. Cars with this feature cost more than usual. For this reason some people get a separate sunroof after buying it. You can also install it separately by spending money in the old car.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to installing an aftermarket sunroof. In some states of the country, due to this, heavy challan can also be there. After an accident, there can be trouble in claiming the warranty and insurance of the vehicle.

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Is it right or wrong to have a separate sunroof?
A sunroof can be installed separately in any car. For this, you will have to spend from Rs 22000 to Rs 1.7 lakh. The company fitted sunroof costs more than this. Now the question arises whether it is legal to put it separately? Many people get a separate sunroof installed to fulfill their hobby. Even the traffic police sometimes ignore it. There are different rules according to the states regarding this. Under Section 184 (F) of the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a challan of Rs 1 thousand in Kolkata.

These are the advantages of installing a separate sunroof
There are many benefits to installing a separate sunroof in a car. After buying the car, it takes less money to install it separately. That is, you can enjoy a luxury car for less money. You can design it according to you. Apart from this, along with the length and width, the accessories used in it can also be of good quality according to their own. Some people put a secret sunroof in the car. Only the installer knows about it.

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Disadvantages of installing an aftermarket sunroof
There are several disadvantages to installing a separate sunroof in a car. For this, the mechanics make cuts in the roof. Doing this in a new car may void its warranty. Problems can arise while making an insurance claim after an accident. This reduces the safety of the vehicle. Car wiring has to be redone. There is a possibility of leakage from the roof when it rains. This can also cause rust. Installing a separate sunroof is not considered sustainable. Apart from this, the resale value of the vehicle also gets reduced.

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