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As soon as it is laid on the bed, it becomes hot like a heater, this bed sheet is cheaper than the fan, in winter, the cell is pressed

New Delhi. In winter the price of heater starts rising rapidly. This is the reason why many times you do not buy a heater even if you want. The second reason is that due to continuous running of the heater, the electricity bill also starts coming up. Today we are going to tell you about such a bed sheet, which starts heating up as soon as you lay it on the bed. Also, its specialty is that in this you are also being given a warranty of 5 years by the company.

You can easily buy Warmland Single Bed Electric Bed Warmer from Amazon. In this you get many specialties. This warmer is priced at Rs 1,999 and you can buy it after 55% discount for Rs 899. Along with this, many bank offers are also running on it. You get blue, brown, dark coffee, green, red and solid colors in this bed warmer. It comes in Polyester Material.

You should not place the Warmland Bed Warmer on top of the blanket. You can put it on the bed. The company says that you should not hang it on the bed or any hook. Also, the company says that you should not leave children, elderly people alone on this. Doctors also recommend heat therapy. It is 100% Shock/Water Proof. To prevent overheating, the option of auto cut has also been given in it.

5 years warranty of this heating bed sheet is being given by the company. You cannot use it on folding beds and on the ground. This is a single bed sheet. Its weight is 1000 grams. Also it is quite comfortable. If you are also thinking of buying such a bed sheet in winter, then you can order it. In the cold winter, the price of this bed sheet becomes very high or it becomes out of stock.



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