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Attention Your data should not be stolen, fake emails are coming to verify Twitter account

Phishing Emails For Twitter Verification: On one hand microblogging site Twitter has decided to charge users for account verification. On the other hand, some people are taking advantage of this opportunity to send fake emails to people and are talking about account verification. Apart from this, people are getting many types of fake emails in which information is being given about saving blue ticks. Various types of links are also provided with these emails, clicking on which users can lose their data. It all started after reports that now Twitter users will have to pay $ 20 per month for blue ticks.

Cyber ​​crime on the rise
In this regard, cyber experts say that in the greed of getting blue ticks, users are getting caught in the clutches of wrong people. A large number of thugs are extorting thousands of rupees from users by luring them with blue ticks. If you also get such an email, then do not trust it and do not click on the link given there.

What is written in the fake email
In these fake emails being sent by cyber thugs, it is given that they can contact here to save their blue teak. Many times even money is taken from people and then these people who commit cybercrime abscond. These emails are designed in such a way that users can trust them. Somebody has said Twitter Warning, then someone talks about getting Blue Tick and Be Verified. This makes people trust these emails.

sensitive information is taken
Sensitive information of users is taken through such fake emails. In these emails, details like username, password and phone number are asked, which you do not have to share at any cost. Google has banned many such pages and websites, but still a large number of thugs are sending different types of emails to the users.

what is the truth
The truth is that these emails are completely fake and are being sent only to steal the data of the users and trap them. These can also be sent from Gmail account but stay away from them. Neither give any amount nor share any of your information on any such email. Especially avoid clicking on any links and mark such emails as spam.

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