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Bad news for Twitter users, company will remove blue tick on April 1, everyone will have to pay


Twitter will remove the LegacyBlue checkmark from April 1.
Those with free blue ticks can take the service of Twitter Blue by paying money.
900 rupees will have to be paid for Twitter Blue in India.

New Delhi. Twitter has announced that it will start removing blue checkmarks from users’ accounts on April 1. Its effect is going to fall directly on your pocket. Because the company has started a worldwide subscription model for verified accounts. Not only this, the company can remove the blue verification mark. In a social media post, the company said that from April 1, Twitter will begin the process of rolling out LegacyBlue worldwide.

With this, the blue tick will be removed from all legacy verified accounts, however, those with free blue ticks will retain their blue ticks if they pay for Twitter Blue services, but the tag of Legally Verified will be removed.

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Let us tell you that after becoming the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk had introduced Twitter Blue Subscription which is a fee based service. Users taking the service of Twitter Blue get the facility to post long posts. Apart from this, blue tick is available as well as the option to edit the tweet is also available.

blue tick will be removed
Now Alan Musk is going to remove the free blue tick. Users will have to pay Rs 900 for the mobile plan of Twitter Blue in India, while a fee of Rs 650 will be required for the web version. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has also recently removed the SMS based two factor authentication feature from the free account. In such a situation, if you want blue tick for your Twitter account, then now you will have to pay at least Rs 650 every month, otherwise your account blue tick will be removed.

What is Legacy Blue Cheque?
Twitter’s legacy blue check is the company’s oldest verification model. Under this, the accounts of Government, Companies, Brands and Organizations, News Organizations and Journalists, Entertainment, Sports and Gaming, Activists, Organizers and other Influencing Individuals were verified.

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