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Bank account can be empty by asking PAN card number! Don’t do these mistakes even by mistake

New Delhi.Being a PAN Card Holder, you have to take care of many things. Due to your one mistake, you can suffer a huge financial loss. In such a situation, it is very important that whenever you share the PAN card, do not make some mistakes even by mistake. Because PAN Card is such a document that also holds all your personal information and one can get it by asking an OTP.

PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax Department. Especially such users should share their PAN card very thoughtfully who use credit card. Because you get all the financial information only with the help of PAN number. This is the reason why you should think many times before sharing this document.

Do not share OTP even by mistake-

If OTP comes on your phone after sharing PAN card, then be careful immediately. Generally, such a fraud has also happened with many people that after taking the PAN number, an OTP is sent to the phone. All the credit information is retrieved with the help of this OTP. Also one can find out who has taken how much loan? Also one can find out how much loan you have taken and when you have repaid it.

As per the rules, no credit card is issued without PAN card. Everyone must share the PAN number before getting a credit card. That’s why after sharing PAN card, you should not share OTP with anyone even by mistake. However, apart from the bank, you should avoid sharing the PAN card with anyone before.

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