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Before buying a 5G smartphone, you will have to pay attention to these things if not given! All money will be wasted

New Delhi. You must have seen 5G smartphones from last few years, but what is this happening in India. 5G connections promise better convenience and faster internet connectivity for more people. Jio, Artel and Vodafone Idea can start their 5G service in the country by the end of this year. 5G will prove to be a game-changer for those who are more connected to the Internet and keep using mobile data.

But one thing is, do you think that having a 5G smartphone is enough to get the experience of the next generation. There are different flavors of 5G and your phone may not be able to support them all. Let us tell you that it depends on the selected hardware and many other factors. So if you want to get ready for 5G network and want to buy a 5G ready smartphone then you should keep these things in mind.

1. 5G Supporting Chipset
This is not a problem with expensive phones, but if your budget is limited to less than 25 thousand rupees, then you have to check whether the chipset of your phone supports 5G modem or not. Do not get phones that have chipsets like Snapdragon 680, Snapdragon 732G, Snapdragon 860, MediaTek Helio G96 etc. At the same time, do not buy models like iPhone 11, iPhone SE second generation and older models including iPhone 11 Pro for iPhone. Always cross check from the company’s website whether your phone supports 5G or not. If there is 5G then your phone box will give complete information about it.

2. 5G Band Support
Having a 5G chip is not enough. Your phone should have maximum 5G bands. This should help in better network performance.

3. Big Battery
5G will require more battery power to support high internet speed and hence your phone should have a large capacity battery. In Android phone, make sure that your phone has at least 5000mAh battery so that it can last all day. Also check for smart features like auto switching to 4G LTE when you don’t need such high speeds, which will save battery life. In iPhone, confirm that you are using devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Avoid opting for models with smaller batteries like iPhone SE 3rd Gen, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 12 Mini.

4. Keep Your Old 5G Phone Updated
If you already have a 5G smartphone, then keep an eye on the latest updates from your company. These can wait for a performance boost, optimize battery life, and more such upgrades.

5. Buy the expensive 5G model
If you want high 5G speed then this is absolutely necessary. Budget 5G phones usually use weak modems and that means you get the slower flavors of 5G. Phones in the premium space usually use more powerful 5G modems that support full 5G speeds. So as 5G networks continue to improve, you’ll have a better chance of catching faster 5G speeds.


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