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Big fraud can happen to you while shopping online, FBI warns

Online Shopping Scam: If you are shopping in the online sale this Friday or waiting for the sale on coming Monday, then you need to be careful. During this, there is a possibility of a big attack of scammers. The American intelligence agency FBI has warned against this. Along with this, some precautions have also been mentioned, keeping in mind these frauds can be avoided.

social media shopping scam

Online shopping users should be careful about offers like offers, gift vouchers and holiday promotions shown on social media. Apart from this, do not click on any link coming from an unknown account. Nor participate in any kind of online survey. These types of things are designed to steal your details.

work from home scam

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Since Corona, there has been a huge increase in such scams. Although most of the companies give such work. But first do a proper research about the company or organization offering the job, only then go ahead.

giftcard scam

This scam is very common during holiday shopping. In this, a person can ask you to call, message, email or buy a gift voucher yourself. With which many types of greed are given. Which you have to avoid.

charity scam

The number of users doing online shopping increases during the holidays. That’s why, time online frauds also increase. To play with the sentiments of people, they try to take charity from people by propagating good deeds in the form of various types of fraud organizations. People get trapped in their trap thinking this. They think that they are donating for some good cause whereas in reality it is not so. Help does not reach those people, who should get this help.

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