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Big good news for these users after Airtel-Jio 5G launch! This company started preparations vigorously

New Delhi. 5G service has been officially launched in India Mobile Congress. 5G services are now available in select cities of India. Airtel is at the forefront of 5G adoption in India, which has started 5G for its users in 8 cities with one million users. Talking about Airtel 5G Plus, it will be made fully available at both Delhi and Bengaluru airports. Similarly, Jio has also started 5G services for its users. But there is still a company which is far from 5G or even 4G. That company is BSNL i.e. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

The last few years of BSNL have been full of ups and downs. Problems like fall in revenue have made the company go through tough times. BSNL is still providing 3G services in most of the circles. While other private companies have made 5G available. The company plans to cover the entire country within a year. The company is providing 4G services in select cities of South India. BSNL Chairman and Managing Director PK. Purwar said the pan-India 4G rollout will start in November and by August next year, the company will start upgrading its network to 5G. The company had earlier said that the 4G rollout would be done in January next year.

As we mentioned, BSNL is working on a fast rollout of 4G. Also, it is planned to launch 5G services in early August next year. For this the company needs an infrastructure in which there is no change. Especially for at least a year. BSNL does not currently have any partner to take the network forward. November has started and the rollout is yet to start. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that 57.27 million customers of BSNL will have to wait a long time to get 4G services. So forget about 5G for now.



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