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big news! The blue tick on your Twitter will be removed if you don’t do this

Twitter has announced a big news. The company has said that the blue tick will be removed from accounts that do not pay for Twitter Blue Membership. This means that those journalists, celebrities, politicians who have not paid for the Blue Tick will soon be removed from their account. This news is no less than a shock for those users whose dream was to get blue tick on Twitter.

The company says that on April 1, they will begin shutting down their legacy verification program and removing legacy verification checkmarks. To have their blue checkmark on Twitter, people can sign up for Twitter Blue. Twitter has given this information through its official handle.

Users of Twitter verified accounts who click on their checkmark see a pop-up saying that this is a legacy verified account. It may or may not be notable. At the same time, this message comes on the account of some people that this account is verified and it is notable from government, news, entertainment or other designated category. The company has not yet told what will be done with the account of those whose account does not fall in the notable category.

You will have to pay $8 per month for the Twitter Blue subscription model. This is for website. Whereas, iOS and Android signups cost $11 per month due to App Store costs. Twitter claims that if a checkmark badge is purchased, users only get the same features as subscribers. This includes things like fewer ads on their timeline, priority ranking in conversations, bookmark folders, and crafting longer tweets.

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