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Bring home 15 liters Water Geyser for Rs 174, there is so much stock that everyone will buy!

New Delhi. Cheapest Water Heater: Winters are reaching its peak and hot water is very important during this time. Now every time water cannot be heated by keeping a vessel on the gas. In such a situation, water geyser becomes very important for every household. You must be feeling that water geyser is very expensive whereas it is not so. There are some geysers in the market which can be bought at very low prices. One of them is the BLU 15 L Storage Water Geyser. You can buy it for less than 5 thousand. At the same time, if you want, you can also buy it by paying Rs 174 every month. Let’s know about it.

BLU 15 L Storage Water Geyser: Its capacity is 15 liters. It comes with 5 star rating. Also it has ISI mark. It comes with free installation pipes and kit metallic. Talking about the price, it can be bought for Rs 4,999 with 32 percent flat discount. Its actual price is Rs 7,390. If you pay with Flipkart Axis Bank Card, then you will be given a cashback of 5 percent. At the same time, you can also buy it by paying Rs 174 every month. With this, 1 year warranty is being given. This offer is being given on Flipkart.

Features of BLU 15 L Storage Water Geyser, This water geyser will be a perfect choice for the bathroom. It can store hot water. Its capacity is 15 liters. It has a pressure rating of 7 bar. It is perfect for high rise building. Now it has been given a 5 star rating, due to which the electricity bill will not come too high. It will be a perfect option for a medium family.

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