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Budget 2023: Finance Minister’s big announcement on Scrappage policy, said- now it will happen…

New Delhi. In Budget 2023, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made a big announcement regarding old vehicles and scrapping policy. During this, the Finance Minister said that it is necessary to scrap old diesel and petrol vehicles and for this, continuous assistance will be given to the states. He said that the policy will be promoted for scrapping vehicles and for this the central government will continuously work with the states.

The Finance Minister said that states will also be given financial assistance under the scrapping policy. Due to which this work can be expedited and such vehicles can be removed from the roads as soon as possible. He said that the government is serious about the environment and every possible effort is being made to reduce carbon emissions. For this, electric vehicles will also be promoted.

Government vehicles will also be removed along with private
The Finance Minister said that the states will also be assisted in removing old ambulances, government vehicles. Under the scrapping policy, not only private vehicles but old government vehicles will also be converted into junk. This will help in curbing the ever-increasing pollution and at the same time attention will be paid to alternate fuel. For this, the government is working to promote biogas.

Along with this, the Finance Minister said that green energy is being promoted continuously and the government is continuously working on the Green Hydrogen Mission. To reduce carbon emissions, the government has started the National Green Hydrogen Mission. 19700 crore rupees will be given for this.

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