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Buy 1.5 Ton Split AC before the arrival of summer, AC of 60 thousand is available in 30 thousand

New Delhi. MarQ Brand of Flipkart has launched 4-in-1 Convertible Air Conditioner in India. It comes with adjustable cooling capacity option. The company has launched AC keeping in mind such users who want to buy AC before summer and also pay full attention to its cooling capacity.

MarQ’s new AC comes in 6 variants and Turbo Cool 4-in-1 convertible split inverter option is also given in it. That is, you are also given Inverer Technology in this. In this, you can also set the speed of Compressor according to your own. It also saves a lot of electricity and also proves to be a much better option in terms of cooling.

The company claims that this technology saves electricity bills up to Rs 95,000. Convertible Air Conditioners comes with BEE Star Ratings. Apart from this, the company claims that this AC does excellent cooling even in 55 degree Celsius. This AC comes with two additional modes, it includes Turbo and Eco.

In Turbo Mode, the AC will do excellent cooling in 20 minutes. The company claims that in this mode it does 19% more cooling than other companies. Eco Mode establishes a balance between Energy Saving and Proper Cooling in it. In this, the option of Inbuilt Stablizes is also given, which comes with 100% Copper Condenser and Blue Fin Coating Protection is also given on it.

Let’s talk about the price of MarQ Convertible AC. The price of 0.8 ton AC is Rs 25,999. 1 ton is priced at Rs 26,499, 1.5 ton, 3 stars at Rs 29,999, 1.5 ton, 4 stars at Rs 30,999, 1.5 ton, 5 stars at Rs 32,999, 2 ton at Rs 37,999.

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