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Buy automatic car or manual gear car? Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the difference, then select the right model


Everyday thousands of people are buying their first car.
There are various features for the convenience of the drivers.
Which gearbox car will be better for you?

Automatic vs Manual Car: Nowadays, due to the increasing demand for personal vehicles, the sales of cars have increased. Everyday thousands of people are buying their first car. Depending on the price and model, there are many types of car models available in the market, which people can buy according to their budget. However, in the changing era of technology, many types of features have started coming in the cars for the convenience of the drivers. It also gets an automatic gearbox option.

New car buyers are often confused about the automatic or old manual gearbox. However, both have their own advantages. Many people also have misconceptions about automatic gearboxes. Here today we are going to compare both types of gearbox, as well as tell which car with gearbox will be better for you.

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manual gearbox
Vehicles with manual transmission are commonly referred to as stick shift. When the car needs to accelerate and decelerate, the driver needs to use the stick shift to change gears manually. The lever mounted on the center console is linked to the transmission through a linkage. Apart from the lever, one also has to use the clutch pedal while changing gears. In these vehicles, you cannot change gears without pressing the clutch.


  • The lower priced model comes with a manual gearbox.
  • Many drivers prefer manual gearbox only.
  • The mileage of these cars is also high.
  • It is very much liked in race and performance cars.
  • Service cost is less.


  • Driving these vehicles requires a lot of learning.
  • The driver has to take care of the clutch and gear lever.
  • The resale value of these cars is very less.
  • Driving in traffic can be difficult.

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automatic car
In automatic gear box, there is no need to change gear with lever. It doesn’t even have a clutch. The gears shift automatically with the help of the driver’s paddle shifter. There are only 4 driving modes in it, which can be changed with the help of a knob.


  • The resale value of these cars is good.
  • There is an automatic gear option in all the cars.
  • It becomes easy to drive the car in the crowd and traffic.
  • Becomes very easy for new drivers.


  • Automatic cars are slightly costlier as compared to manual ones.
  • Their maintenance cost is also a bit high.
  • Automatic cars have lesser mileage as compared to manual ones.

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