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Buying Ola electric scooter will be even easier, company will open showrooms in 100 cities


Ola Electric is preparing to open 100 showrooms across India.
Launched in India in August 2021, the company will open so many showrooms for the first time.
The company’s co-founder and CEO Bhavish Agarwal has announced this.

New Delhi. Now customers of Ola Electric will be able to take a test ride before buying the scooter or can also buy offline like scooters of other companies. Ola Electric is preparing to open 100 showrooms across India. The company launched in India in August 2021 is going to open so many showrooms for the first time. This announcement has been made by Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of the electric two-wheeler company.

Ola Electric calls its showroom ‘Experience Centre’. Electric scooters such as the S1, S1 Pro and the recently launched S1 Air will be displayed in the showroom. This will help its customers to interact directly with Ola’s representative before buying the scooter.

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Delivery will be in 7 days
Agarwal recently wrote on a social media platform that 100 experience centers will be opened across India in the next 45 days. These showrooms are expected to come up by the end of this year. However, in which cities they are being opened, it has not been disclosed yet. Recently Ola Electric said that they will soon start delivering electric scooters to their customers within two to three days of placing the order.

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Customers could buy online only
Till now, Ola electric scooters could only be bought online. After this, the company used to deliver scooters directly to the customers’ homes. No physical experience could be done in this process. The decision to open the showroom is seen as a change in the strategy of Ola Electric, which is promoting the elimination of the role of dealers between the manufacturer and the customers.

Ola is the largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer
According to Ola Electric, 20 such experience centers have already been opened. The company had also revealed plans to open a total of 200 such facilities by March next year. Ola Electric is currently the number one electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India on the basis of sales volume in October.

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