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Calling rate of satellite phone is so expensive, so two iPhones will come!

Satellite Phone : Almost everyone in India has a smartphone. In this, you can do calling as well as do things like gaming, video play and internet surfing. Many people also use feature phones which are provided with basic features. Features The price of the phone is also less. Apart from these, wireless category phones are used by select people. This is the category of Satellite Phone. If you also want to know more about satellite phones, then today’s news is very special for you. Let’s know.

Satellite Phone Price

Satellite phones cost a lot more than regular smartphones. Their price is around 1500 to 2000 dollars, which according to Indian currency is about 2 lakh rupees. Now you must be thinking that what is so special about it that it is so expensive. Let us tell you that satellite phones are basic compared to common smartphones, but you can use them even in un-networked areas. For example – forests, hills. You will be surprised to know that the Navy also uses these phones and it is capable of working well even without a network.

calling rate is shocking

We have told you that satellite phones can be used without network, but its calling rate is very expensive. You will be surprised to hear about it. To make a call from this phone, users may have to pay an amount of Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh in a few minutes of calling. At such a price, a car will get a down payment. It should also be made clear here that its use is not allowed for the general public in India. Only a few people have got permission to use it, including Defense, Army, BSF including Disaster Management Service etc.

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