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Car Mileage Tips: Troubled in the line of Petrol Pump, follow these tips, you will get the best mileage


To increase the mileage, it is necessary to get the car serviced on time.
Avoid driving the car in high speed, 60 to 80 km. Mileage is good in hourly speed.
Always keep the air pressure of car tires correct.

New Delhi. Every day rising petrol diesel prices have put a heavy burden on the common man’s pocket. But even a car has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. Many times it is seen that suddenly the car starts giving less mileage. In such a situation, more petrol or diesel is used and your expenses also increase. Sometimes our negligence is also behind this and sometimes there is some kind of fault in the car.

In such a situation, by keeping some simple things in mind, we can increase the mileage of our car and also cut down on our expenses. Let us tell you how the mileage of the car can be increased.

get the service done on time
Due to not getting the car serviced for a long time or rather not getting the service done on time, every part of the car is not able to work properly. In such a situation, the mileage of the car keeps on falling continuously. The car starts consuming more fuel. Along with this, many problems related to the engine can come in the car. That’s why it is necessary that the car should be serviced on time.

Getting the car serviced on time keeps the mileage good.

keep tire pressure right
The mileage of the car also gets reduced due to low air pressure in the tires or due to unevenness. Due to less air, the friction of the tires increases and the load on the engine increases. Due to which the engine consumes more fuel. Apart from less mileage, there are also disadvantages like faster tire wear.

take care of alignment
Take special care of the alignment of the car. If the alignment of the car is out or the balancing is bad, the mileage of the car gets reduced considerably. Due to out of alignment or bad balancing of the car, the load on the engine also comes and the fuel consumption is high. Along with this, the suspension and tires of the car also get badly damaged.

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Switch off the car engine at red light or in traffic jam. (file photo)

Switch off the engine if you stop for more than 1 minute
If you stop at a red light or traffic for more than a minute, turn off the engine of the car. The consumption of petrol diesel while keeping the parked car started is the same as when the car is running. But if you have stopped for less than 1 minute, do not switch off the engine. Because in less than 1 minute, the engine will take the same amount of fuel to start as it would have taken to stand still for that long.

avoid overloading
According to the capacity of the car, only as many people should travel in it. Do not overload the car. Due to this the car generates more power than its capacity and the mileage of the car gets reduced to a great extent. Also, do not carry unnecessary items in the boot of the car.

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