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Choose this option before shopping on Flipkart, Delivery Boy will not be able to cheat even if he wants to

New Delhi. The day the sale starts on Flipkart. Many times news comes out that people ordered iPhone 14 Pro and got soap instead. Such news scares everyone before ordering any item. Today we are going to tell you about an option of Flipkart. The specialty of this option is that after turning it on, the Delivery Boy will not be able to do any fraud even if he wants to.

Open Box Delivery Benefit-

Flipkart Open Box Delivery is one such option, under which no delivery boy can commit fraud. In fact, if you order a gadget under this option, the delivery boy will first open it and show it to you. If any delivery will tamper with your gadget then you will come to know about it during the delivery itself. Means now you can save thousands of rupees with the help of a small setting.

Open Box Delivery Option-

This option is visible in the Flipkart App. You have to select it before ordering. If you do not select this option, the delivery boy will show you the package already opened. If you have any problem after opening the package, then you can complain about it in Flipkart. After complaining, you will not have to accept the package and after that you will get the money back easily in your account.

Actually, Flipkart started this after receiving complaints about the continuous package. Now users are constantly using this feature. In the past, when the sale started on Flipkart, a user had ordered an iPhone, while instead he got soap. After such news, this option has started being used more.



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