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CNG car is giving less mileage, don’t worry, just follow these tips

New Delhi. Amidst the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people have seen CNG cars as a better option. Sales of CNG cars have also increased significantly in the last few years. Although many times after taking a CNG car, people complain about its low mileage. But this low mileage is often not due to technical faults but also due to minor negligence.

Although CNG cars run in low maintenance along with giving good mileage, but because CNG is an alternate fuel, we need to take care of some things. Keeping these things in mind, we can increase the mileage of the car.

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check air filter
Your car also breathes, in simple words, the engine will need air supply and this air supply is done through the air filter. If the air filter is clogged with dirt and grime, your engine will be overloaded and fuel consumption will increase. In such a situation, CNG car will also give less mileage, this difference can be up to 5 to 6 kilometers per kg. That’s why check the air filter from time to time and if it is filled with dust then get it replaced.

get the clutch checked
30 thousand km of the car. After completion, get the clutch checked at every service. By the way, the life of the clutch plate is about 80 thousand km. There are also up to but due to the different driving style, they run more and less. If the clutch plates are in bad condition, then the mileage of your car will reduce significantly.

Change spark plug on time
Carbon comes on the spark plug of the car with time. Due to the high ignition point of CNG cars, this happens quickly. In this case, every 20 thousand km. But get the spark plugs of the car changed. Get the same spark plugs that are recommended for the car. Due to this the mileage of the car will be better and it will also save you from the problem of missing.

take care of air pressure
It is necessary to have the right air pressure in every type of car. The same applies to CNG cars as well. If the air pressure in the tires of the car is less even in CNG cars, then the load will come on its engine and the mileage of the car will be reduced considerably. Therefore, maintain the recommended air pressure for the car.

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