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corpse Party! If you die in the game, you will get death in real life too, will think a thousand times before playing

New Delhi. If you are a gamer and you like to do gaming all the time, then the news we are giving you today can shock you. In fact, the founder of virtual reality firm Oculus has claimed that he has created a headset that will kill you in real life if you die in the game. Palmer Luckey has said that this device is inspired by a Japanese novel Sword Art Online. Talking about the story of this novel, there are some players in it which is an online role play game in which if they die in the game then they lose their lives in real life too. In this, all these players wear NerveGear headset.

He said that the only problem with this is that it makes the game feel like real. But it is not fun until the danger seems real. Real danger can only make you and everyone else in the game feel real. Luckey left Oculus in 2017 and started Anduril Industries. Then he said that he is working on the real life version of NerveGear and has reached the halfway mark.

Whenever the game is over and the game over screen comes on it suddenly fires and the user’s brain is blown. They say that a perfect VR can take some time to build completely. It’s not perfect yet. The headset is fitted with three explosive charges, which are located directly above the player’s head. As soon as the red screen is visible, the narrow-band photosensors are connected to each other. However, need not worry as there is only one version of this headset available. It is not being sold to the public. It can be expected to be made available to the users in the future.



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