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Crackdown on Google’s arbitrariness! India fined Rs 936 crore for the second time

New Delhi. Tech company Google has suffered a major setback in India. Google has been fined Rs 936 crore by the Competition Commission of India (CCI). Let us tell you that for the second time in a month, Google has been fined by the CCI. Earlier, Google was fined Rs 1,337.76 crore by CII. Let us tell you that Google has been fined in two different cases, and both these cases are related to anti-competition.

why the fine
In fact, the CCI has held Google guilty of abusing its dominance. In such a situation, the CCI has accused Google of stopping the antitrust practice in India. Talking in simple words, there are many products of Google such as Gmail, Google Map, Android Platform, Google Search Platform. Because of this, advertising and marketing work is done through Google. For this reason, Google does not allow the rest of the companies present in the market to stay because of its dominance, due to which no other company is able to stand in the market compared to Google.

was fined in Brazil

Earlier, the CCI had said that app developers should be stopped from directly engaging with customers. Sadh itself has instructed Google to find a solution. Also, CCI has asked Google to come out with a clean policy on data. CCI has accused the Play Store of favoring its in-app payment service Google Pay. Recently, Google was fined in Brazil for not providing a charger with the box.



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