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Credit Score: Improve your bad credit score like this, there will never be trouble, follow these steps

Credit Score Report Download: If you also use a credit card and if you do not have information about credit score, then this news is for you. Here you will get complete information about how to fix bad credit score with Credit Score.

what is credit score
The bank does not give quick loans to individuals with poor or low credit scores. Even if the bank gives a loan to that person, then a higher interest rate is charged for it. Generally a score of 750 and above is considered good. Customers using credit cards should not be negligent in paying their card bills for a good credit score. If your credit score is low, then today we are going to tell you some such ways, by adopting which you can increase your credit score.

Pay every EMI on time
Radhika Binani, Product Chief, Paisabazar.com, says that whenever a bank or company calculates the credit score of an individual, it first determines the payment pattern of credit card and loan EMI by the person. have seen. Credit card bills or EMIs should be paid on time. For this you should set reminder for each bill date. So that you do not forget the date of the bill.

bad credit score
Binani says that instead of paying the minimum due amount on the credit card, you should pay the outstanding amount in full in one go. In such a situation, many people will feel that it is easy or convenient for them to pay the minimum due amount. But it does spoil your credit score. Also, many times the credit card companies start charging you extra charges on top of the outstanding amount.

Be aware of partnership loans
When you take a loan in partnership with someone, then you must keep the details of the loan, because if your partner forgets to pay the EMI of the loan. So this will also have a bad effect on your credit score. Therefore, while taking a loan in partnership with someone, make sure that how and who will pay the EMI of the loan. Also, you have to check whether your partner has paid the EMI as promised.

Do not make debit settlement
Sometimes the missed payment amount shows up in the ‘Days Post Due’ section of your credit report. So, if you have DPDs on one or more cards, you should pay the outstanding amount immediately and ensure that the payment is done on time. If you are unable to pay the entire due amount, the company offers you a one-time settlement wherein you have to pay a portion of the outstanding amount. Generally everyone opts for this type of settlement option. But selecting this option indicates that you accept that you cannot pay the entire outstanding amount. This information is given by the company to the credit bureaus.

Keep in mind the credit limit
While using your credit card, always keep in mind that you do not take a loan up to the maximum limit of your card. Because doing so lowers your credit score.

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