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Dabur’s entry in the spice market! Badshah Spices bought 51% stake for Rs 588 crore

Dabur Buys Stake of Badshah Masala: A big news has come out related to Dabur India, one of the oldest FMCG companies in the country. The company has prepared a plan to enter the spice market and has acquired ownership of the company by buying a 51% stake in Badshah Masala, a major spice brand in the country. Dabur has made this agreement with Badshah Masala for about Rs 587.52 crore. While issuing a joint statement on this matter, both the companies said that Dabur India (Dabur India Takes Over Badshah Masala) has bought 51% stake of Badshah Masala for Rs 587.52 crore. After this partnership, now the ownership of Badshah Spices has gone to Dabur Company.

Dabur’s entry will be in the market of spices
In this statement, Dabur said that it is now going to enter the market of spices with this partnership. It is worth noting that Badshah has been selling ground, ground and mixed spices for many years in the spice food sector. Now after the take over of the king of Dabur, he will also enter the spice sector. Dabur has given this information to the stock market on Wednesday.

Company released second quarter results
Along with this, the company also announced its second quarter results (Dabur India 2nd quarter result). According to Dabur India Limited, there has been a decline of 2.85% in the profit of the company in the second quarter of the current financial year 2022-23 i.e. between July and September. After this, this profit has remained only Rs 490.86 crore. At the same time, it is worth noting that the company’s profit in the earlier quarter was Rs 505.31 crore. In such a situation, the company has earned a profit of Rs 14.45 crore in this quarter.

Deal done in about 587
Let us tell you that while giving information about this deal to the stock market, Dabur India has told that it has bought 51% equity of Badshah for a total of Rs 587.52 crore. At the same time, the total equity of Badshah Masala was Rs 1,152 crore. At present, the company has bought 51% stake. After five years of this deal, Dabur will also buy the remaining 49% equity. The company said that after this acquisition, Dabur has set a target of increasing its business in the food sector to 500 crores for the next three years.

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