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Data leak of 500 million WhatsApp users, risk of bank fraud! you are not included

New Delhi. WhatsApp is considered the most secure messaging platform. But now these claims are being exposed. Yes, the news of WhatsApp data leak has been received. According to the report, the mobile numbers of WhatsApp users of about 84 countries have been leaked. These mobile numbers have been made available for sale, which is very dangerous for the safety of WhatsApp users. Due to this, in the coming days, WhatsApp users may have to face many types of fraud including bank fraud.

Which users’ data was leaked?
The countries whose mobile number data has been leaked include the US, UK, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia and India. This is the biggest data breach ever, in which the data of about 500 million people has been leaked. According to the report of Cybernews, a post has been made on the hacking community forum, claiming WhatsApp data sale. It is being claimed that they are selling 2022 database of 487 million WhatsApp mobile users.

Users can be a victim of hacking
The researcher claims that cyber attackers can buy the mobile data of 500 million WhatsApp users, which can be used to carry out phishing attacks through this database. In such a situation, in the coming days, WhatsApp users can get calls and messages from unknown numbers.

Data of how many users of which country was leaked
The data base contains the data of about 32 million US users. Like this, it has data of 45 million Egyptian WhatsApp users. While Italy has 35 million and Saudi Arabia has 29 million WhatsApp users. The same includes data of 20 million WhatsApp users in France and 20 million in Turkey. The database includes 10 million WhatsApp users in Russia and 11 million in the UK.

Data being sold for Rs.
According to the report, the US data set is being sold for around Rs 5,71,690. While the UK and Germany data sets are being sold for around Rs 2,04,175 and Rs 1,63,340 respectively.

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