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Discount on Symphony Air Cooler, know this important thing before ordering

The demand for coolers is highest in the summer season. Now if we talk about a better cooler, then the first name that comes is Symphony Air Cooler. But in this too, there is a lot of confusion about which cooler you have to buy. Today we are going to remove such confusion of yours. Also going to tell some best options, so let’s tell about this offer – You can order Symphony 27 L Room/Personal Air Cooler from Flipkart. After fitting this cooler, you will not have any complaints about cooling. To buy this cooler, you have to spend Rs 6,495. While the MRP of this cooler is Rs 7,999. Its separate 1 year warranty is also available. It will also be delivered within 2 days.

If you are searching for a low cost cooler, then 12L can also prove to be much better for you. To buy it, you have to spend Rs 5,486. You too must have been surprised to know this, but let us tell you in advance that there is no need to think about its cooling at all. Also, it starts doing excellent cooling as soon as it is turned on.

In this, an option of 31L cooler is also available. Which you can fit anywhere in the room. This might surprise you a bit. To buy this cooler, you have to spend Rs.8,369. While its MRP is Rs 10,499. Bank offers are also being given to you on this. This is also a room cooler, so you can fit it anywhere. With its help, you get air flow up to 37 feet.

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