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Diwali 2022: Users got Google’s ‘Diwali Surprise’, search on Google just this word!

Google Diwali Surprise : Diwali is one of the main festivals of India among Indian festivals. On Diwali, everyone lights up their homes by lighting a lamp. For this, people put colorful lights in their homes and also light earthen lamps. Similarly, even before the arrival of Diwali, Google has also given ‘Diwali Surprise’ to its Indian users. Although there is some time in Diwali now, but Google has completed its preparations for Diwali. For this, as soon as you search by writing Diwali on Google, then you will see Google’s special Diwali surprise.

Google’s Diwali Surprise Information

Google India has told its users about the special surprise of Diwali through its Twitter handle. In this tweet from Google, some lamps are seen with the text, in which Google has written, “Just here to say search Diwali for a surprise.” If you also want to see this Diwali surprise of Google, then for this you have to search the word ‘Diwali’ on Google. You can write here Diwali in any language Hindi or English.

By doing this you will see a ‘Diya’ burning at the top of the search result. Along with this, the date of Diwali, Wikipedia page and other things written on Diwali will be visible at the bottom of the result. Now to see the surprise of Google, you have to click on that lamp seen on the top. By doing this, the screen of your phone or desktop will be filled with twinkling lamps. Not only this, many other lamps visible on the screen can also be lit from this one lamp. This Diwali surprise of Google is for both iOS and Android devices.

Light this on the screen using Google

Google lamps can be lit on the screen of both laptops and phones. For this, first open Google on your device. Now click on search by typing ‘Diwali’ or ‘Diwali 2022’ on Google’s search bar. As soon as you do this, you will see a ‘Diya’ burning in the search result, so now you have to click on this lamp. As soon as you click on the lamp, you will see many lamps on your screen at once. In all these diyas, one lamp will be burning while the rest will be seen extinguished. It is quite exciting that now you can light the rest of the extinguished lamps with that one lit lamp. Also, when all the lamps are lit, your screen will start glowing.

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