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Do not clean the phone like this at all, the screen will get spoiled

Smartphone Screen Cleaning Tips: We all want our smartphone so much that we keep cleaning it again and again, but do you know that if you clean the phone wrong again and again, then it can also get spoiled. It is necessary to clean the phone, but in the right way. In this news today we will tell you what you should keep in mind to keep the iPhone, Android or other smartphone clean and safe.

use screen protector

Always keep a screen guard or screen protector on the phone. Due to this, dust and dirt does not stick on the phone. Apart from this, there are no scratches etc. At the time of buying the phone, you should get a screen protector installed on it. Along with this, the screen protector should also be cleaned from time to time. Even if your phone falls by applying a screen protector, then its screen will not be damaged.

Use a microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is a better option to clean your phone. To remove dust or oil from the phone, take a dry cloth and clean your phone with it. It would be great if it is a microfiber cloth. The phone should not be cleaned at all with a bad cloth.

Do not use paper based wipes

The screen of the phone should not be cleaned at all with any paper towels and facial tissue or other types of paper based wipes. This can cause scratches on the screen.

Do not use liquid

You should also not use any liquid on the screen or back of the phone. When you feel it is very important to sterilize your phone, fill a small spray bottle with equal amounts of distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Then spray once or twice on the microfiber cloth. Then, gently clean your phone’s screen or back panel.

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