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Do not download the app for every work, the battery performance of the phone is bad, save the device in 5 ways


Apps demand a lot from you in return for their service.
The apps which are used more do more damage to the phone.
These include apps like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

New Delhi. Today almost every class of people use smartphones. They use mobile apps to take advantage of all the features and benefits of the phone. From banking to online shopping, you use apps, but do you know that the apps on your phone are also demanding. In such a situation, if you are thinking that nothing like this happens, now the time has come to clear your misconception. Let us tell you that the apps demand a lot from you in return for their service and sometimes these demands also cause damage to your phone. These demands of apps cause damage to your phone’s battery and memory.

Let us now tell you about the demands of the apps, which affect our phones. You will be surprised to know that the apps which you use the most, do the most damage. In a report by Pcloud, it has been told that the top 20 are the same apps, which we use every day.

What demands do apps make
Whenever you install any app on your mobile, before using it, it asks for some permission from you like your location access, phone book reading etc. These apps also ask for access to your photo gallery, Wi-Fi, camera, microphone, and folders. Social media apps demand 11 extra features. Some of these demands can be refused, but for most you have to agree.

How does it affect your phone?
The demand of apps has a great impact on your phone. The more the demands of the app, the more power your phone will need to fulfill them, which will affect the battery of your phone. Apart from this, it also has a clear effect on the memory and overall performance of the phone.

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Apart from this, even when you are not using the app, they are working in the background and increase the consumption of data. These apps also affect the storage of your phone. Normally your phone has 64 GB of storage and many apps occupy a lot of storage.

How to defend?
If you want that these apps should not affect your phone, then first of all do not fulfill all the demands of each app. Apart from this, social media apps also do not need your location. Social media apps usually access your location and serve you content accordingly.

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Apart from this, you can turn off the location or if you feel necessary then you can opt for While Using App. Always on should not be kept on even by mistake. By doing this, your phone’s battery and data will not only be saved, privacy will also be maintained.

turn off background refresh
Apart from this, you should also stop the background refresh of the phone.
If the phone’s background refresh is on, then the app will keep sending new notifications from time to time and it will also consume battery along with data. If you do not want to do this, then keep it on only for those apps which you really need. There is an option in the settings of your phone.

avoid multiple apps
Using only one app for one work can save you from many hassles. Significantly, even if the apps are from different companies, they provide almost the same services and offers. Can’t do this with social media, but what’s the use of many apps for hotel booking. Any app will be right for you according to your need and choice.

app reinstall
Nowadays there is such a facility in the phone that you can temporarily delete the unused app. By doing this the app will be deleted but not its data, meaning it can be installed and used whenever you need it. Apart from this, this can also be done with the apps used daily. Apps use your phone’s storage, whether you have saved anything or not.

turn off activity tracking
You must have noticed that whenever you search something on an app, pop ups related to it start appearing on many other apps as well. In the language of the Internet, this is called tracking. You can turn them off on your phone. By turning off activity tracking, you will not only get rid of unnecessary advertisements, the effect on the phone’s battery and overall performance will also be clearly visible.

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