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Do not search this name on Facebook even by mistake, many people have been jailed!

New Delhi. If you use Social Media and you do not know about its rules then you need to be very careful. Because many times you do some such things in case of not knowing the rules, then the law comes under the category of crime and it simply means that by doing this, you can even go to jail. So let’s also tell you that what is it that you should not search and see even by mistake.

Child Pornography-

There is also a strict law regarding child pornography. If you ever come across a video related to this, then you should not watch it even by mistake. Because by doing so a case can also be filed against you. Also, you should not do any search regarding this. It is very important to always be alert about this. That is, it completely comes under the category of legal crime.

Fake News-

The government is constantly taking steps to stop fake news. This is the reason why you need to be very careful about fake news. Whenever such news comes in front of you, it must be verified first before sharing it. Under the IT Act, if you share any fake news, a case can be registered against you. You should cross verify before sharing every news.

Illegal Video-

Sharing or watching any such video also comes under the category of law offense which is illegal. This can include many different types of videos. It also includes the name of the video that divides the society. The Delhi Police had detained some people after the riots in North-West Delhi. It was alleged that these people had shared such videos which incited riots. In such a situation, you should avoid sharing such videos.

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